Syncronization module - Troubleshooting

Issues and solutions

"The installation is configured with Exchange <-> Booking sync enabled, but MSMQ is not installed"
The server has to have "Message Queuing Server" installed as a feature
Go to Features->Add Features Wizard->Features->Messaging Queuing->Message Queuing Services
Enable "Message Queuing Server"

"Windows could not start the ExchangeBookingSyncService service on location computer
Error 1067: The process terminated unexpactedly."
Open the usercollection.xml and remove the empty user that starts with xsi:nul

Getting logs and status on synchronization process
Once the synchronization module is running, you can via the web browser on the localhost get a view on the progress and status for the service

Service account must have an e-mail account and not just an e-mail address.
It should be able to send/receive e-emails.

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