Using the different displays

Room Booking Panel

The Room Booking Panel show meeting information on digital screens outside each meeting room. Meetings created in your company calendar system will be shown on the displays with meeting owner and title. It also gives a time frame and a color indication (red/green) showing from a distance if the room is available or not. If a room is available but a meeting starts within the next 15 minutes the color will change from green to orange and stay orange until the meeting starts.

Interactive features

  • Spontaneous Meetings
    If a meeting room is available the display is green and the room can be booked directly from the screen. The meeting title will be ‘spontaneous meeting’ and the meeting owner anonymous and will also be listed as such in the calendar system. The system will allow you to book the room for as long as it is available. When you book a spontaneous meeting the meeting starts from ‘now’. It is not possible to book meetings with meeting start ahead in time.

  • Confirm Meetings
    Your display solution can be set up to ask for confirmation at meeting start. When you have booked a meeting room in the calendar system and you arrive at your meeting the Room Booking Panel will ask for a confirmation from you. If you neglect to confirm, the meeting will be canceled and the meeting room released for other bookings.

  • Edit/End meetings
    If a meeting ends earlier than scheduled you can end the meeting directly on the screen. The remaining time is freed and given back to the pool for others to book. If a meeting is longer than expected you can prolong the meeting directly on the screen if the room is available. Any changes will be immediately reflected in the company calendar.

  • Error reporting
    Your Display solution can be set up with Error reporting. If equipment is broken you can report the error directly from the screens. Just tap the icon, slide the equipment slider and the relevant people will be notified automatically. If the error has already been reported by someone else the slider will show as yellow in the Error reporting interface.

  • Other screen information
    There is a list of extra valuable information available on the screens.
    1. Next meeting today.
    2. Full list of today’s upcoming meetings.
    3. Room Information (Capacity, Equipment list etc.)

Meeting Activity Overview

The Meeting Activity Overview shows today’s meetings on large screens in the reception area. It features titles, hosts and rooms and shows visitors what the events of the day are and where they need to go. The Meeting Activity Overview are set up in the Administration module to show information from selected meeting rooms.

How Meeting Activity Overview are sorted:

  • Primary sort key is meeting start time - the next meeting to start is listed in the top
  • Meetings that have already started are listed in the bottom - also sorted by meeting start time
  • If "Show past meetings" option in Meeting Activity Overview configuration is enabled, the past meetings will appear at the bottom - also sorted by meeting start time

Please note: If you do not wish to show your meeting on the Meeting Activity Overview you can mark your meeting as private in Outlook or deactivate ‘show on info screen’ in Pronestor Room.


Room Availability Overview

The Room Availability Overview lists meetings on screens in the hallway or meeting area. It gives an overview of what is going on in a group of selected meeting rooms. It gives the current and next status of the meeting rooms (free/busy)

How Room Availability Overview is sorted:

  • Room Availability Overview are sorted alphabetically (descending) by conference room name

Interactive features

  • The Room Availability Overview can be purchased with Interactivity features enabled. Available meeting rooms can then be booked directly from the screen and you can end/edit your bookings.


Mobile displays

The Mobile display gives a complete overview of all meeting rooms on your mobile phone. You can look up all rooms and see what’s free and what’s not and see a description with capacity and location. Go directly to the free room and book it on the Room Booking Panel at the entrance.


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