Pronestor Kiosk Browser & Settings - iPad

Installation of Pronestor Kiosk Browser

  1. Go to iTunes and download “Pronestor Kiosk Browser” (free app)
  2. Once installed – go to “Settings” on your iPad
  3. Locate “Pronestor Kiosk Browser” in the left menu
  4. In the “Address” field type in the address of your Pronestor Display web server (ex.http://your _pronestor_server/pronestordisplay)
  5. Now launch PRONESTOR KIOSK BROWSER icon next to your current app
  6. From the list of displays – click “Show” for the room that you want to have displayed on the current tablet
  7. If challenged by a security token – enter “123456

If you are using iPad1: Please download the Kiosk Browser Lite 

Show me how

We have created a video that shows you how to turn your iPad in to a Room Booking Panel.

You can see it here at Vimeo

Recommended settings for iPad 

  •  Disable Messages 
  • (settings->Messages – for each item in messagecenter – remove those)
  • Disable auto updates
    (settings->General->Software updates)
  • Disable Auto-brightness
    (Settings->Brightnewss & Wallpaper->Auto-Brightness =OFF)
  • Disables Auto-lock
    (Settings->General->Auto-Lock = Never)
  • Disables 4 finger gestures
    (settings-> general-> Multitasking gestures and turn them off)
  • Disables iMessages
    (settings->Messages->Turn off iMessages)
  • Disables Wifi pop up
    (Settings->Wi-Fi->Turn of Ask To Join Networks)

 Please note that we recommend a maximum brightness of 70% for iPad Air 2.


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