Pronestor Kiosk Browser & Settings - iPad

Installation of Pronestor Kiosk Browser

  1. Go to iTunes and download “Pronestor Kiosk Browser” (free app)
  2. Once installed – go to “Settings” on your iPad
  3. Locate “Pronestor Kiosk Browser” in the left menu
  4. In the “Address” field type in the address of your Pronestor Display web server (ex.https://your _pronestor_server/pronestordisplay)
  5. Now launch PRONESTOR KIOSK BROWSER icon next to your current app
  6. From the list of displays – click “Show” for the room that you want to have displayed on the current tablet
  7. If challenged by a security token – enter “123456

If you are using iPad1: Please download the Kiosk Browser Lite 

Show me how

We have created a video that shows you how to turn your iPad in to a Room Booking Panel.

You can see it here at Vimeo

Recommended settings for iPad 

  •  Disable Messages 
  • (settings->Messages – for each item in messagecenter – remove those)
  • Disable auto updates
    (settings->General->Software updates)
  • Disable Auto-brightness
    (Settings->Brightnewss & Wallpaper->Auto-Brightness =OFF)
  • Disables Auto-lock
    (Settings->General->Auto-Lock = Never)
  • Disables 4 finger gestures
    (settings-> general-> Multitasking gestures and turn them off)
  • Disables iMessages
    (settings->Messages->Turn off iMessages)
  • Disables Wifi pop up
    (Settings->Wi-Fi->Turn of Ask To Join Networks)

 Please note that we recommend a maximum brightness of 70% for iPad Air 2.


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    Tim Jeske

    Is it possible to pass settings like the address of the kiosk browser via an XML file? And how would it look like?
    We want to remote install the kiosk browser with settings already set.

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