Settings - Error Reporting, Security etc.

Please note: Please don't use the "admin" account for Pronestor display.
You will need to create a new account specific for the Pronestor Display Application
The account must have Global "Facility Manager" permissions. as well as a billing account
and meeting type.


Log in to the Administration module and go to 'Settings'.


Here you create all the meeting rooms in Pronestor Display.

  • Choose 'Settings'
  • Click “Rooms” in the left menu

You can import a single room by clicking "Find room" or click "Search for rooms" to import all rooms in the configured calendar. 

  • Click “Search for Rooms” to auto discover all your rooms
    (requires Exchange 2010/Google Apps/Pronestor Room)
  • Click “Find” to search for a room by its e-mail

At this point – you should see a list of rooms. These rooms are now ready to be displayed either as a Room Booking Panel or as a part of a Meeting Activity Overview or/and Room Availability Overview.

Error Reporting

Create equipment.

Go to Settings/Error reporting

Create new equipment.

Equipment can be defined with:

  • Name of equipment - a complete name that is used in the administration module
  • Name listed on display - the name of the equipment as it should be shown on a Room Booking Panel
  • Allow comments on screen - when choosing the equipment, should user be allowed to send a comment upon reporting an error?
  • Confirmation text - short text shown to the user when he/she reports an error for that specific equipment
  • Error report e-mail recipient - the person to be notified when an error reporting has been performed or has been disable 

Note - port 587 (smtp) must be open before an e-mail can be send to e-mail recipient.


Security token

Please note: We recommend this to all our online Pronestor Display customers.
A security token can be set for the solution. This token will be required every time you want to interact with the solution in the back-end or administration module.

Enter any token of your choosing and save.

In order for the Kiosk Browser to connect to the system, please go to the Kiosk Browser on each tablet and enter the token in the Kiosk browser. 


Authentication pin code

Activate this feature and restrict the access to the displays.
The pin code will ensure that only authorized users can interact with the displays by typing a pin-code on the screen.

When the feature is activated, it applies to all displays.

My Settings

Credentials used when logging into the administration module in Pronestor Display.

Here you can change your password.

The specified email will also be the email account that is used to send notifications to the system administrator.


Information about your current active license.

This is also where you insert license keys.


SMTP Settings

By default - Pronestor's emailing service will be used for sending emails from Pronestor Display to the administrator. This is required in order to receive heart beat emails.

If you are connected to Exchange or Pronestor planner, these settings are connected to Pronestors mailgun SMTP as a standard. For it to work, you need to open port 587 in the firewall.


If you prefer,  you can configure Pronestor Display to use a custom SMTP server.

When enabled - please enter the required information for your email server:

  • SMTP Server
  • Port
  • Use SSL
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address of sender


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