Pronestor Analytics

Getting a view on how often your meeting rooms are used and how people are using the displays, is possible through the Analytics module.

Choose data

  • Choose date - will be used to filter the period which you are interested in investigating
  • Work day - this is the time during a day that has your interest


The report will contain two columns of data - a column that shows the room usage and a columns that shows the interactivity performed on each Room Booking Panel (if interactivity is enabled).

Room Usage

The room usage grid will list all the rooms in Pronestor Display and for each room it will show room usage. 
Only room usage for the chosen data (period and work day time slot) will be listed.

  • Total appointments - the number of bookings of the room (only appointments with a duration > 1 min)
  • Total hours - sum of booking hours of the room
  • Average hours - the average number of hours the room is booked (total hours divided by total appointments)
  • Usage (%) - how well good/bad is the usage of the room. 
    A 20% usage tells you that the room has been occupied only 1/5th of the time.
    This metric is calculated from the total hours that the room has been available in the chosen period and the chose work day time slot

Display Interactivity

These cards will list, for each room, how often the display has been used.
Only interactivity data from the chosen data (period and work day time slot) will be listed - it is required that the room has interactivity enabled for the chosen period.

  • Created booking - how many times has users clicked the "Book now" button the display
  • No shows - how many bookings has not been confirmed onscreen and thus been deleted
  • Confirmed bookings - how many bookings has been confirmed onscreen by clicking the "Confirm" button on the display
  • Ended bookings - how many bookings has been ended by clicking the "End now" button on the display
  • Changed bookings - how many bookings has changed end time by click the "Edit booking" button on the display
  • The Display interactivity data is ONLY publicized from the time from installation date.

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