Reception Display

You can create as many Reception Displays as you like – within the limit of your licens.
Like any other display – you can per Reception Display choose what rooms to show, design etc.


How to create/edit a Reception Display

  • Choose “Displays“-tab
  • Click “Reception Displays” in the left menu
  • You can create a new Reception Display by clicking “+Reception
  • You can edit a Reception Display by clicking the name of the display you like to edit
The Reception Display will show meetings for the rooms checked in the column for the Reception Display.


  • Name - Reference name for the display
  • Title – headline to be shown on the display


  • Show logo - Show logo (like company logo)
  • Show past meetings - past meetings will be shown at the end of the scroll/sliding


  • Timezone - Timezone for current display
  • Dateformat - Date format for current display
  • Timeformat - Time format for current display
  • Language - Language used for buttons etc. (* if using a custom design with user edited labels, this selection may be ignored)


  • Style - Selected design template
  • Preview window size - Size and orientation of design in preview window


Showing a Reception or Area Display

You should use a fairly large LCD screen for Reception and Area Display – since it will show a lot of information.

We recommend that you open up a webbrowser in full screen mode or kiosk mode – you can do this from a command prompt like:

ie.exe -k “″ 


Data in XML format for other solutions

You can retrieve booking information as XML from a Reception or Area Display – which you can use for other devices. Where DISPLAY_ID is the ID of the Area or Reception display




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