Meeting Activity Overview

You can create as many Meeting activity overview displays as you like – within the limit of your licens.
Like any other display – you can per Meeting Activity Overview choose what rooms to show, design etc.


How to create/edit a Meeting Activity Overview

  • Choose “Displays“-tab
  • Click “Meeting Activity Overview” in the left menu
  • You can create a new Meeting Activity Overview by clicking “+Meeting Activity Overview
  • You can edit a Meeting Activity Overview by clicking the name of the display you like to edit
The Meeting Activity Overview will show meetings for the rooms checked in the column for the Meeting Activity Overview.


  • Name - Reference name for the display
  • Title – headline to be shown on the display


  • Show logo - Show logo (like company logo)
  • Show past meetings - past meetings will be shown at the end of the scroll/sliding


  • Timezone - Timezone for current display
  • Dateformat - Date format for current display
  • Timeformat - Time format for current display
  • Language - Language used for buttons etc. (* if using a custom design with user edited labels, this selection may be ignored)


  • Style - Selected design template
  • Preview window size - Size and orientation of design in preview window


Showing a Meeting Activity Overview or Room Availability Overview

You should use a fairly large LCD screen for Meeting Activity Overview and Room Availability Overview – since it will show a lot of information.

We recommend that you open up a webbrowser in full screen mode or kiosk mode – you can do this from a command prompt like:

ie.exe -k “″ 


Data in XML format for other solutions

You can retrieve booking information as XML from a Meeting Activity Overview or Room Availability Overview – which you can use for other devices. Where DISPLAY_ID is the ID of the Room Availability Overview or Meeting Activity Overview




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