Setting Permissions on MS Exchange

To allow Pronestor Display to read and update bookings in the room calendars on Exchange, the following four things need to be in order:

  • An Exchange service account on Exchange must be available
  • The account must have a mailbox on Exchange
  • The account must have application Impersonation Permissions on the room calendars (see important section below)
  • The Exchange Web Services must be reachable from the server running Pronestor Display (http/80 or https/443)
Important! Pronestor recommends creating a scope of access limited to the rooms which are to be handled by Pronestor Display. This can be ensured by limiting the Application Impersonation to be set for the meeting rooms only, and NOT on user accounts in general.

Within Exchange - this can be ensured by using scopes when setting the permission.

For information on how to ensure application impersonation - please see the following link - How to set application impersonation on Exchange


Using Office 365 

The URL to be inserted into the Exchange settings on Pronestor Display is always:


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