Setting Permissions on Google Apps For Business / G Suite

This is a guide on how to prepare your Google Apps for Business to run with Pronestor Display.


You need to have the following in place before launching this guide.

  • Administrative account for your Google
  • Purchase Google Apps For Business
  • One more room created as resources on your Google 
  • All users must have Google+ enabled for their account *) (see section "Enabling Google+ for users" below)


We will guide you through the process of enabling Pronestor Display to acquire information from your Google Apps.



  • Google Apps For Business 
  • Administrator privileges on Google Apps (only for configuration) 
  • Rooms created as “room resources”

Tips on how to create rooms on your Google Apps:


Create a project in Google Cloud 

  • 1. Go to 


  • 2. Click “New Project” and name the project 


Name your Project

Select your new project




Enable API’s 

  • 3. In "APIs” select “Go to APIs overview” 


  • 4. click "Enable APIs and services"  


  • 5. Search for "Admin SDK"  - click the card 

  • 6. choose and click ENABLE 

  • 7. Search for the google calendar api


  • 8. enable that as well 

Add Credentials 

  • 9. Click burger menu, choose APIs & Services, and then Credentials 

10. Click Create Credentials and then Service Account Key 



  • In Service Account choose “New Service Account 
  • Give the service account a name 
  • In role choose “Service Accounts->Service Account User 
  • And set key type to “P12 
  • And finally click “Create 


12. A file will be saved – note where it is saved for later use 

  • 13. Click “Close”  
  • Choose “Managed service accounts 

  • 14. Click the 3-dots and choose Edit in the dropdown 

  • 15. Enable “Enable G Suite Domain-wide delegation and Save 

  • 16. Click “View Client ID”  for your service account 

  • 17. Take note of Client ID and Service Account email 

Authorize Access To Google API 

  • Go to 
  • Choose “Security”  
  • Choose "Advanced Settings" 
  • Choose “Manage API client access”  

Create a Pronestor Service Account with permission  

We recommend that a dedicated user account is created. This service account will be used to access the room resources and have permissions to perform changes for the room resources. 

  • Go to 
  • Choose Users 

  • Click on "Add new user" on the yellow Plus sign 
  • Give the account a name 
  • Either choose your own password or choose that it should generate one itself, where you can note that afterwards. 

Note the email – it will be referred to as service account 


Set Permission on Rooms 

  • Log in to your Google Calendar - 
  • Search for your room and click on it, it will now be visible and enabled. 
  • Under "my calendars" click on the 3 dots next to your room 
  • select" settings and sharing" 

NOTE – this must be done for EVERY room that you would like Pronestor to interact with via Pronestor Display

  • Choose “Share with specific people” and then “Add People” 
  • Scroll down to "share with specific people" and click "Add people" 

  • Add the user account and set permission "Make Changes To Events” – and end with “Send” 


Link to Pronestor 

  • Finally - Go to "settings" then "Rooms" and click "Search for rooms" 
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