Wall mounts from PN hardware

When the displays are set up you need to mount them on the wall outside the conference room.

Pronestor can supply you with wall mounts from PN hardware.

A wall mount should ensure that

  • The tablet is physically secured to the surroundings and does not fall down.
  • All buttons on the tablet are covered by the wall mount so users can not accidentally end the display application or misuse the tablet.
  • The wall mount prevents easy removal of the tablet - avoiding theft and misuse. A way to obtain this is to have a mount that requires a special tool for opening.
  • The wall mount can not be easily detached from the surroundings - avoiding theft.

Before mounting the tablet please check that:

  • The tablet inside the wall mount is functional.
  • Ensure sufficient length of the cable from the tablet to the power and network outlet.
  • The cables work correctly - (as we have seen some cables that are faulty).
  • Network access works.


Wall mounts for iPad Air 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7" and 9,7"


  • Dimensions Tab A, 7"
    Ext: 243 mm x 140 mm x 18 mm
    Screen:  150 mm x 94 mm 
  • Dimensions iPad Air 2 and Tab A, 9,7"
    Ext: 300 mm x 210 mm x 18 mm
    Screen: 196,5 mm x 148,5 mm
  • PVC material for improved WiFi connection
  • White front and back. Brushed aluminium on the sides


  • Mecanical module with detachable front
  • Lockable wall mount with unique key
  • Easy mounting on walls and glass
  • Easy installation of tablet in mount
  • Access to tablet on/off button with small tool

Wall mounts for Samsung SSP - DB10E-T


  • Dimensions - 247 mm x 165 mm x 33 mm
  • powder coated steel and anodized aluminum
  • Black top and brushed natural aluminum on the sides


  • Mechanical module with detachable back
  • Lockable wall mount with allen key screw
  • Easy installation of screen in mount
  • Easy mounting on wall or glass


Standard mounting of wall mounts

The wall mounts are per default constructed for dry walls with a back hole for cables.

Alternative mounting options:

  • Fixation Plate – Dry Wall 
    Small white plate is placed on the back of the wall mount. For cable coming in from the side.
    Dimensions: 75 mm x 75 mm x 6 mm. (Screw distance: 61 mm)
  • Fixation Plate - Glass Wall 
    Small self adhesive metallic plate is placed on the back of the wall mount. For cables coming in from the sides. The wall mount can then be mounted on glass walls.
    Dimensions: 75 mm x 75 mm x 6 mm. (Screw distance: 61 mm)
  • Fixation Plate – Back Box 
    A thin metallic plate is placed on the back of the wall mount. This plate covers the hole in the wall of the back box installation. It is mounted directly on the back box or the wall.
    Dimensions: 210 mm x 115 mm x 1,5 mm. (Screw distance: 61 mm)
  • PoE converter 
    Get power via the Ethernet cable. (Cabled Internet connection is not available).

Installation Guides 

Please go to for mounting instructions and installation guides.




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