“AJAX – 0(timeout) – no details available”


Some customers have experienced Pronestor Display loosing the connection to WIFI subsequently the Display freezes. When clicking on this icon in the lower left corner you get the message:

"An error has occurred trying to resolve the problem”

"AJAX – 0(timeout) – no details available”



Request for Help Desk for a a special version of PND

IMPORTANT - please do a backup of your current installation - in case a roll-back will be required.

  • Download installation files - request download link by e-mail  (
  • Unzip and run the installation on your web server – and then follow the on-screen instruction

If you have upgraded from a version with a version number like 2.x.x.x - please go into the Internet Information Service, and set the application pool for Pronestor Display to use .NET Framework 4.0 - before starting Pronestor Display.


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