Display turning black "loading Header" , "Loading secondary" , "Loading Logo"


If you are using Exchange Server 2007 some have experienced that the Display keep saying (on black Screen)  "loading Header" , "Loading secondary" , "Loading Logo". 


If the log file (you can look it up in the Pronestor Display folder -You can browse it from the IIS) contains the following sentence 

  • Default tenant|DisplayController|ERROR|GetDisplayData for screen id XX experienced an error. Service error: Unknown|NoError|ServiceObjectPropertyException| You must load or assign this property before you can read its value. 

 You need to update.

How to solve

You need to update to the newest version of Pronestor Display (at least 4.0.3). You can find the version no. in the administration - scroll down - in the left corner you can see the no.

How to update follow this link



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