How to reset the Pronestor Display Solution


This article is not about how to uninstall and then reinstall the display solution. This article handles situation when there is a need for reset the Display solution to the settings just before importing the displays from the Exchange Server. 


Before starting – Do a complete backup of the Pronestor site.

1)      Find your Site Folder normally called proNestor Display. (You can open the IIS to find the correct path by right clicking proNestor display - then click       Explorer)

2)      Backup the entire folder.






1)      Open the App_data folder. (see pic)

2)      Delete the files in the Errorlog folder (only cleaning up) and everything except "Design" - "Images" and "erorlog"

3)      Take a copy of

  1. RawConfigurationCollection
  2. RoomAtDisplayCollection

4)      Paste the above a) + b) to desktop

5)      Stop the IIS from the Application Pools(se picture)

6)      Delete all the files in  App_data folder - except folders and the text file “License.lic”

7)      Restart the IIS – recycle the Application Pools

8)      Browse the display solution.

9)      After restart of the display  type your login and password

10)    Import your mailboxes from the Exchange server. (see RoomAtDisplayCollection for wich)


RoomAtDisplayCollection: You can find all your displays in this textfile

RawConfigurationCollection: You can find your credentials and Exchange server path in this text file.

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