Room Booking Panel - clock freezes or display turns black/white

Updated - 20/3-2014


Some customers have experienced that their displays freeze, meaning that the clock stops ticking – and the only way to solve this has been to restart the Pronestor Kiosk Browser (this to provoke a reload of the HTML in the kiosk browser) or by restarting the tablet.

The issue is related to versions prior to Pronestor Display 2013 SP1 and especially affects customers running iPad (with iOS 6) and Android.

Note - iPad has a known issue with WiFi that requires restarting the WiFi or rebooting of the device. This issue is not related to Pronestor Display but is an issue that some iPads have with some Access Points.



The reason seems to be related to an unstable or poor WiFi coverage, or an issue with a Internet Information Services that appears to be inaccessible.



The fix requires an update of the software installed on the server side and an update of the Pronestor Kiosk Browser installed on the tablets.

Server side update

  • Download and install the newest version of Pronestor Display from our website. Please contact for installation files.


Customers with Android

Customers with iPad

Version 1.6 is now available in AppStore

But – please install server side software – since it has been improved as well – and for some test customers it solved most of the issues. 

  • Download the newest Pronestor Kiosk Browser from App Store (iTunes) version 1.6
  • Configure the Pronestor Kiosk Browser – and ensure to enable the “Reload at midnight” and “Reload at Website Freeze” (will require version 3.9 or newer of Pronestor Display)



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