Configuration file is missing


Pronestor Display fails to start and shows an error page that it could not read the configuration files


Configuration files are located in the app_data folder within Pronestor Display folder.

All configuration and data for Pronestor Display is stored in XML format - and if a file is missing or has been corrupted the start up of Pronestor Display can fail.

By default Pronestor Display will try to recover the configuration and data from temporarily files - looking for shadow copy of the configuration and data files stored with a ".temp"-post fix

If both the original and shadow copy is missing - you need to recover these files from a backup.


We have seen one case where an Anti-Virus (F-Secure) was for some reason treated the "RawConfigurationCollection.xml" as it was infected with a trojan.script virus - and then removed that file. (This even though that the file is pure text!)

If you should experience this - please report the issue to your Anti-Virus vendor and ask for a reason. And if possible - configure your Anti-Virus to skip scanning of the app_data folder.



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