Using HTTPS with Pronestor Display

Communication between the tablet (i.e. iPad and Android tablet) and the server can either be HTTP or HTTPS.

The HTTPS setting is enabled on the web-server on which the Pronestor Display web-site is installed.

When enabling HTTPS a certificate between the web-site and the tablet is needed. This certificate has to be installed on the web-server and be accepted on the tablets. 

  1. Install the certificate on the web-server.
  2. Open the tablets web-browser and go to the Pronestor display web-site, when doing so the certificate should be “installed” and accepted on the tablet.
  3. Now you can use the Pronestor Kiosk Browser on the tablet using HTTPS.

If HTTPS is to be used for on premise installations – we strongly recommend using a certificate from a well-known online certificate authority.

Using other private build certificate etc. is not guaranteed to work problem-free on tablets or in relation to Pronestor Display.

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