Through the Analytics module you can get a view on how often your meeting rooms are used.
You will be able to see the room utilization over-all, per resource category or even per each individual room.

Analytics is only available for users with Administrator role.

Choose data

Analytics will show data for a given period - that period can be defined by:

  • Choose date - will be used to filter the period which you are interested in investigating
  • Work day - this is the time during a day that has your interest


The report will contain four sections of data

  • Locations - column chart showing bookings per location
  • Resource categories - table of room categories and the number of bookings per category
  • Usage for selection - a sum the selection of rooms chosen.
    • Room usage - sum on room usage for selection
    • Bookings - number of bookings for selection
    • Total hours - number of booking hours for selection
  • Resources - table of the rooms with metrics on:
    • number of booking
    • total booking hours
    • usage of room (booked time / total available time)

Interacting with the report

You can filter the report per location and even per individual room resource category.

When clicking a column in the "Location" chart, the other metrics in the report will be filtered and thus only show room resource categories and room resources for that specific location.

When clicking a resource category in the "Resource Category"-section, the list of rooms will only show the rooms in the selected room category.

Resetting a filter is done by clicking in either the "Locations"-section or "Resource categories"-section, and then clicking the filter-icon.

Room Usage - explained

The room usage reveals how well the room has been utilized in the chosen period (date and time slot).

A low percentage indicates a low utilization of the room and a high percentage indicates a higher utilization.

A 20% usage tells you that the room has been occupied only 1/5th of the time.


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