Booking meetings using the Outlook Add-In

Personal Settings

Select Pronestor Planner in the toolbar:

  • Select ”My Settings”
  • Change your personal settings
  • Press ”Save”

Note: When changing the language settings, it only has an impact on the standard data in Pronestor. If resources are created in Danish, these will still be named in Danish.  


 New meeting

How to create a new meeting only with a room:

  • Create meeting in Outlook
  • Write subject and meeting time
  • Select ”Book room”
  • Select the room you would like to book
  • ”Save & Close”

How to create a new meeting with a room, equipment and catering:

  • Create meeting in Outlook
  • Write subject and meeting time
  • Select ”Add bookings”

New meeting

To create a new meeting: 

  • Press 'Create meeting' on the front page
  • Type in a Meeting title for your order, eg. 'My meeting'
  • Select start and end date, and start and end time for meeting
  • Book one or more meeting rooms by clicking on the room name of the room(s) you need.


  • Get more information about the meeting room by clicking on the (i) icon next to the room name.
  • You can book more than one room to the same meeting.
  • Use the quick booking feature if you only need to book a meeting room. Your reservation is registered immediately.

Intelligent filter options

Use the filter options on the left to narrow down your search.

The filter option applies for all resources - including catering.

Order Catering

Book catering for your meeting:

Use the filter on the left to narrow down your search.

  • Indicate number of each items you wish to order
  • Press ”Order” button 

The resource is now linked to your order.


You can order catering with different delivery times within the same meeting – choose startdate and Time, and click ”Orderl”

Order equipment

Book additional equipment for your meeting.

  • Click on the equipment you need. of the room(s) you need.
  • Use the filter options to narrow down your search.


  • Add attendees to your meeting.
    They will not be invited through Outlook, but they will be logged as attending the meeting (useful for documentation and visitor registration in the reception).

Check Out

You can now see all orders for your meeting. Change information to the order if necessary by clicking on the edit icons. 

  • Meeting type eg. internal or external meeting
  • Change billing account if necessary. You can also write a Billing note, this could for example be a project number. 
  • Click ”Complete Booking” to check out


  • You can edit or delete individual orders by clicking on the icons on each order line.
  • Select tabs "Facilities", "Catering" or "Equipment" if you want to add extra orders. 



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