How to create a shared calendar

In Pronestor Planner a shared calendar has to act as a normal user. This means that the shared calendar needs to be connected to at Pronestor Planner user.

  1.  Create a Pronestor user (in administration or import fra AD)
  2.  Find LegacyCN for the shared calendar. This can be found in AD (Attribute)
  3.  Find the user ID for the shared calendar user. On the Pronestor database run the query below. Select * from appuser where login like ’login for shared calender’

     4.   Create a new record in the Distinguishedname table

  • Set user_id = the result from the query above
  • Set Name = LegacyCN for the shared calendar


name Name
/o=DOMAIN/ou=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDHF23SPDLT)/cn=Recipients/cn=abc 123456



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