Exporting data - Adding/removing columns


When exporting data to a csv. file from Pronestor Planner you can edit the columns you want to include.

The Export is a manual action and available in "Administration->Settings->Export".


  • Log on to the web server (file level)

Selecting data

  • With Notepad open "Content\Export\Master.xml"
  • Set enabled to true for the columns you would like to add to the export
  • Set enabled to false for the columns you would like to remove from the export

Presenting data in export

  • With Notepad open "Contect\Transform.xsl"
  • In the "<result>"-section, add a column name for the data
  • In the "<xsl:for-each select="Bookings/Booking">"-section, add a column with a reference to the value

Note - the number of enabled columns will have an effect on the performance of the export. We therefore recommend to keep the number of enabled columns to as few as possible.


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