Outlook feels slow (only for Pronestor Room from v 2.7.0 to 3.1.1)


Some have experienced, when creating a meeting with many attendees Pronestor Room slows down.



It's a performance issue when retrieving the freebusy information.


How to solve

There are two ways to solve this.



In order to solve the problem you need to switch off freebusy -lookup  in “configuration” database. To do so add following rows to the configuration table.

See below:


      fieldname           |                 fieldvalue                           | description


AddIn2003Settings | {  “ResolveFreeBusy”: ”false”  } |

AddIn2007Settings | {  ”ResolveFreeBusy”: ”false”  } |

AddIn2010Settings | {  ”ResolveFreeBusy”: ”false”  } |



In “description” insert a dot [.]




The easy way :-)


1) Download the script.

2) Run the sql script in the database.

3) that's it :-)


Be aware of that proNestor Booking “participants” in “facilities” tab will not be able to show the attendees.

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