Pronestor Kiosk Browser and Settings - Android

Installation of Pronestor Kiosk Browser Android

  1. Download and install our kioskbrowser on your Android tablet. It can be found here
  2. Now launch Pronestor Kiosk Browser on the tablet.
    - Slide your finger from the top of the screen and click on 'kiosk_browser_android-1.apk'
    - If exposed to the security warning: Install blocked: Click on settings and go to the 'Security' tab in the left side menu. In 'Device Administration' check 'Unknown Sources'. Click 'ok'.
    - The launch window is now active. Click 'Next' and click 'Install'.
    - When exposed to the Google Security pop-up we recommend that you click on 'Decline'.
    - Click 'Open'.
  3. Click and hold in the lower right corner of the screen and use passcode '1234' to enter configuration.
  4. In the 'URL' please insert your Pronestor Display web server url (Ex.https://your _pronestor_server/pronestordisplay).
    - If you do not have the URL please contact the one responsible for installing the software on the server.
    - Click 'ok'.
  5. Click 'Activate' or 'Go to URL'.
    Click 'ok' to reminder.
  6. From the list of displays – click “Show” for the room that you want to have displayed on the current tablet.
    - Enter Security token: '1234'

Recommended settings for Android

  • Disable auto update.
    - Go to 'Settings - General' and search for 'Auto update'.
    - If checked please unchecked.
  • Set screen timeout to 30 minutes and disable 'Daydream' screen saver.
    - Go to 'Settings - Device'. Click 'Display' in the left side menu and click on 'Screen timeout'. Set for 30 minutes.
    In newer versions of Android there is a screen saver called  "Daydream". Please deactivate.

Please note that we recommend a maximum brightness of 60% for Samsung tablets.


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    If the LED stops to work - please validate settings using these steps:
    * Open settings in Kiosk Browser (click in lower right corner of screen) - input password (default 1234)
    * Click "Make LED Green" / "Make LED RED" - this should make the LED react
    * Check that the tablet is correct mounted in the mount - cables etc.

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    If the Kiosk Browser shuts down upon restart or when connecting the sound plugg - please update to newest kiosk browser

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    Christian Jessen

    Display can't reach the server: please check which DNS you are using. If using Google DNS, try to change it to open DNS: IP◾ OR IP◾

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