RawconfigurationCollection.xml is Corrupted

If you get error in your Browser when access the PronestorDisplay site, with “RawconfigurationCollection.xml is Corrupted”

There are 2 ways to fix it.

  1. Try to see if there in App_data folder is a file called RawConfigurationCollection.xml.Temp
    1. Open in edit mode, with Notepad, and look for content.
    2. If just copy this to app_data and name it as RawConfigurationCollection.xml
  2. If not, locate the file in a Backup file, and copy – paste the file from the Back-up.
  3. If there is no backup file.


  1. Its not easy but can be done. You have to configure the exchange part again.
    1. You need to move all files out of the appdata folder into a temp (DONT delete them)
    2. Then you access the display site, where you start over and choose datasource.
    3. You set that part up again and. Then you log into the administration.
    4. Copy the files (EXCEPT the 2 files named rawconfiguration...) to the appdata folder.
    5. Close the browser and connect to PronestorDisplay and it should be back to normal.

ProNestor recommends backup of ProNestor configuration, preferably daily.
We recommend backing up the folder containing PronestorDisplay.
The best way to find the active display portal is via IIS.

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