How to upgrade Pronestor Planner Cloud

Server side upgrades are done seamlessly, and requires little or no actions by the customer.

Pronestor will upgrade the cloud service solutions whenever a new stabile version is ready for clients. The upgrades are done as an automated proces that is planned and initiated by Pronestor.



We start by securing a backup of the of data and the installation and then initiate the upgrade, which is an automated proces with scripts that are used for all upgrades of our cloud solutions.



The upgrade will usually cause a downtime of 5-10 minutes, which will affect the accessibility of the service. This means that access to Pronestor via Web or the Outlook add-in will not be possible. Pronestor will typically perform an upgrade between 5-5.30 AM CET, to avoid causing disturbance during working hours. If we find it necessary to upgrade a solution during working hours, we will always notify the client and agree on a possible timeslot.


Outlook add-in

Clients that use the Outlook add-in, will be notified by e-mail before an upgrade. Once the server site upgrade has been performed, the Outlook add-in must also be upgraded.

We recommend that all clients on the cloud service enable the automatic upgrade of the add-in. This is done in Administration -> Settings -> Other settings. If the automatic add-in upgrade is activated, the users will simply be asked to restart their Outlook to upgrade the add-in. This does not require any admin privileges.

If you don't wish to use the automatic upgrade of the add-in, please be aware that you must take action to distribute the new add-in. This is done by going to Administration -> Settings -> Other settings. Here you'll find MSI packages for the different versions of Outlook.


Roll back

Please note that if the upgrade of a cloud service is failing, the solution will automatically be rolled back to the previous version. Pronestor Support will be notified and start troubleshooting. When we have discovered and corrected the issue, a new upgrade will be planned.


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