Upgrading LED circuit board print firmware of the wall mount (Samsung)

If it has been concluded that a LED mount stops to reflect the correct LED (red/green) color according to the room status - then a firmware upgrade of the circuit board print in the mount should be upgraded.

What has triggered the issue

The LED in the mounts are controlled via the sound outlet on the Samsung Tablet. When launching the Kiosk Browser the first time, the user is asked to confirm high sound volume.

But after a variable period, the Samsung device falls back to medium sound volume, and again require user interaction before a high sound volume. This is not an expected or documented behavior from Samsung.

And in such scenarios - the LED is not able to pick up the sound, and ensure correct LED light.

How to validate issue

If LED doesn't show the correct color - please perform the following steps to conclude that the proposed firmware upgrade is relevant:

  • Open settings for the Kiosk Browser 
  • In settings - click "Make LED Green" and the "Make LED Red"
  • If the LED does respond - the firmware is NOT relevant
  • If the LED does NOT respond then proceed
  • Close the Kiosk Browser - clicking "Exit"
  • Start the Kiosk Browser - if it asks for your permission in regards to "Volume" - then the proposed fix in this article is relevant.


A PC is required, and the initial prep of the PC does take 20-30 min to install. But once it is up and running - each firmware upgrade of the wall mount takes a few minutes.

A small hardware box is also required for the firmware upgrade of the wall mount. Please contact Pronestor and we will provide such a device to you that you can borrow for the upgrade procedure.

Upgrading with new firmware in the wall mount

Please follow the instructions listed in the PDF ("Firmware Update LED Controller.pdf").

The firmware is also attached and the driver as well ("LED_Control_111.elf" and ""

Upgrading the Kiosk Browser

With the new firmware - we do recommend upgrading the Pronestor Kiosk Browser to the latest release as well - please find this at

LED Controller Upgrade errors

If you encounter errors in the PC software related to the firmware upgrade, we recommend doing the following:

- Disconnect the USB power from the LED Controller.

- Restart the AtmelStudio software on your PC.

- Carry on the upgrade procedure from point 4. in the Firmware Update LED Controller guide (last page).

Should the issue persist on a LED circuit board, please try on another LED circuit board before retrying on the previous. 

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