Pronestor Room & Catering - updates

February 2017 (from 6.0.39 onwards)

Helpsite is accessible from workflow

The helpsite can be accessed directly from the Room & Catering workflow if you need help.

Catering items are listed per serving in Checkout

The catering overview in your Checkout has been organized in servings, so you can easily see when you'll get the individual deliveries.



Dirty form validation has been introduced

If you have made changes to a reservation and try to leave, we'll ask you to confirm. We just want to make sure that you don't have to start over again.


Date-picker has been enhanced

The date-picker, as we call it, now displays current date and selected dates to make it easier for you to navigate.

Improvements on mail notifications


When you receive an email from Room & Catering, we want to make sure that you can easily access the reservation. The reservation ID link is now a link directly into your reservation. 

We also include your booking notes in the emails - for both you and the resource manager. 


Notification handling improved + notification box at the bottom of the screen can now be closed

The notifications you get during a workflow have been reduced, and you now have the possibility of closing the notification box.

The filter has been improved

We've improved the overall usability of the filter.


Coexistence and synchronization improvements

The Exchange integration has been greatly improved.


We're continuously working on fixing bugs and improving the solution, so the listing above is only the tip of the iceberg. 


September 2016

Outlook Add-In

Improved robustness and performance.


New button: Import Attendees

Import your attendees directly from Pronestor Room in the web booking flow. 

Please note: This is not a default setting.The button is available and can be activated by Pronestor.


Notes & descriptions

Room description: Up to 255 characters.

You can now add room descriptions with up to 255 characters.


Meeting notes: Arbitrary length.

Write as many comments as you like. There are no limits to the text length.


August 2016

Badge counter

Counting attendees, room/catering resources, and equipment. These numbers give you an overview of your booking and the attached resources.


Auto update

The timeline updates automatically when choosing a date/time slot in datepicker. The ‘Update’ button is now removed. 


July 2016

SAML - Single Sign On

One log-in to all of your Office 365 related accounts - including Pronestor Room.

Please note: This is not a default setting. Pronestor Room can be set up to function with SAML.

*Technical requirements: Office 365 - Azure AD


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